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This is Hubble from Fresno, California
He is a Golden Retriever who belongs to Amanda and Mike Andrews.

Here's the scoop about Hubble:

Hubble was a stray dog we found in our neighborhood.  He was wounded when we found him, and we nursed him back to health while posting flyers all over the neighborhood to find his owner.  When no one claimed him, we decided to keep him, and gave him the name Hubble (after the Hubble Telescope) because his eyes are so keen that he sees things that no one -- not humans or animals -- can see.  Hubble is the most loving and brave dog, and he's always over-protective of us especially when there are strangers around.  His best trick is he rolls around on the floor or ground whenever he hears rock music playing!

See the dog's love letter that Hubble "wrote".

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